AI Cyber Defense

AI Cyber Defense

What is AI Cyber?

AI - Artificial Intelligence - Cyber AI cyber defense solutions combine threat detection and response capabilities on the fly. These tools utilize machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously learn what normal activity in your organization is supposed to look like. Abrupt or significant changes in network activity result in alarms being generated. However, these solutions sometimes do a good job at tracking slower changes that seem to increment over time as well. Although some of these solutions respond to alarms automatically, time and time again, it’s been demonstrated that there remains a major importance of human oversight. AI Cyber Defense solutions paired with 24/7 monitoring by trained security analysts establish a strong defensive system for your environment.
  • Detect new threats on the fly to prevent damage to your systems

  • Have holistic oversight of your IT infrastructure

  • Quickly and continuously adapt to the activity in your network

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